Pencil Labels

Pencil Labels

  • $12.95

Labels are printed on a high performance PVC film that has excellent adhesion properties on difficult surfaces. It works well on moderately curved surfaces and has a high tack stick that works well on plastic.

189 x Pencil Labels (4cm x 0.6cm)

Standard Text is black on white background.  If you want a different colour text (white background remains), please make a note in the comments box at check out.  

One name only per sheet of labels, e.g. "George Smith". Sheets will not be split for multiple names. If you need less pencil labels, consider the multi pack label set.

* Please note that longer names are adjusted to fit the Label.  This may make the text smaller than the image shows.  Names may also need to go over two lines to fit if it is too long.* 

Name to be printed must be entered into the custom text box.