About Us


Bold Badger Designs is owned and operated by Madonna Dunn, in Moggill a suburb located in the west of Brisbane.   BBD started in October 2013 with custom vinyl decals for walls and basic decals for car promotion.  Over the course of 2014 we grew and expanded to include a range of custom and pre printed sublimated mugs.  

Why Bold Badger? I have four children who are often referred to as "Bold Badgers" it seemed the most likely name as when the business first started it was primarily doing vinyl artwork for the kids rooms. I needed to work from home as my youngest has special needs and working outside the home in the traditional sense was never going to work for our family.  I have always enjoyed being creative.  For many years I have been focused on running a direct sales business for paper crafting - card making, scrapbooking and running classes teaching this.  With the littlest Badger's "foibles" came a greater need to be more flexible in my working hours - I can cut vinyl and sublimate mugs at midnight if I have to!!  

November 2016 sees the very, very exciting addition of an amazing commercial printer.  We can now offer you a printed vinyl sticker that will last the distance in a dishwasher, scratch resistant, sticks to pvc and plastic with a high tack adhesive....sigh.  It's a beautiful product!  We can also do bumper stickers, printed car windows in one way vision, banners, canvas, custom wallpaper!!  The list goes on! It prints a whopping 1.3m wide in full colour.  I can also cut that width now as well.  Very exciting developments in the Badger studios!!

The Bold Badger Team is the whole of the family and all of us have a role to play at various times!  Daddy Badger (Mark) is the technical man sorting out all things regarding web, programs, equipment etc.  The eldest three Badgers all pitch in and help when needed - packing orders, unpacking boxes, labelling envelopes & even manning a market stall at a pinch! ;-)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss any of our products further.  

email: info@boldbadgerdesigns.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boldbadgerdesign