Hensington Palace Merchandise

Welcome! Here you'll find a selection of garments and items to purchase that have been designed by Hensington Palace. 
Words from Kim: 
The last week has been a tough one at Hensington Palace. We lost more than half of our flock in a horrific dog attack and the majority of those were our rare and heritage breed chickens ready for the Spring breeding season. It will be a long road to rebuild to our high standards, made more difficult by the fact that we no longer feel safe free-ranging our birds and so will need to build or buy large, safe runs for them. This of course, will take time and money. 

All funds raised will go towards purchasing large, predator proof runs for the chickens that we have, or rebuilding our breeding stock bit by bit. 

Thank you so much for supporting Hensington Palace.
♥ Mumma Chook